New album is out!!!

Here it is! It is called "Baladas da Luta" (Balads For The Fight). 11 Gutsy songs for confused times: Profound, brazilian urban music in an attack position against hatred, delusion and political short-sightedness.

Here you find it:

New Single
"O Corpo" out now!

"O Corpo" is Da Cruz's contribution to body positivity. It is an ode to one's own body, this source of inspiration, this interface between the self and the world. It is the third single from the upcoming album "Baladas da Luta".

Single "Bate Panela" out!

It's a sound that has been heard often in Brazil in the last four years: people stepping on their balconies and banging on their pans. Noise against a government that has reversed all previous efforts to make Brazil more just, more united and more tolerant. The group DA CRUZ has picked up on this sound in their latest song, "Bate Panela" ("Pan banging"). The song is about the pain and anger of a person whose values and Afro-Brazilian history are being ridiculed by a cynical government.

"Serpentes" feat. Magugu

We are back with a new single - together with the British-Nigerian pidgin rap guru Magugu. The result is a musical and political statement.  "Society is politically divided, the tone is rough, the cultural scene is traumatised. We wrote the songs of our next album in this field of tension. The song is a collaboration with British-Nigerian rapper Magugu, "the man with arguably the deepest rap voice in the world", as Mariana Da Cruz elaborates. "I've adored his work for a few years now - not only has he created an absolutely autarkic style musically, but he combines it with a political ambition."

Da Cruz vs. Anitta

Mariana Da Cruz, singer of the band DA CRUZ, had the opportunity to do an interview with the Brazilian superstar Anitta after a concert in Bern (Switzerland). It's about her political stance, about the image of Brazil that she wants to carry into the world. And about the question why she takes the trouble to conquer the European market.